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Chroma Color Corporation has state of the art laboratories within each of our six manufacturing sites. Our capabilities include, but not limited to, formulating color / concentrates, additives and pre-colored compounds.
All Chroma Color facilities utilize lab-scale production equipment, industry approved and precise quality control techniques. Our color development and analytical labs are fully dedicated to support your program needs.

In this video is with Mary Brown, Analytical Chemist, Chroma Color Corporation in Salisbury, North Carolina talks about our Analytical Lab.


Analytical Lab

-Use of advanced technology to test colors and molecular changes in additives to improve customers product quality
In-house statistical analysis to ensure color concentrates meet customers stringent specifications

Color Matching Lab

-Develop custom and standard colors for customers
-Ensure exact color match is achieve in the specific resin select for the application for consistent run-to-run quality
-Produce accurate color chips and samples for pre-production trial runs

ISO/IEC 17025

Chroma Color’s lab in Asheboro, NC is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) to meet the requirements set forth in ISO/IEC 17025. Our state-of-the-art testing and production equipment is complimented by the unparalleled quality and experience of our staff. The labs work in close union with the Chroma Color Solutions Center to develop new polymer solutions for an ever-expanding range of applications.

UL Certification

UL (formerly The Underwriters Laboratories) is dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments through testing, inspection, auditing and certification processes. Chroma Color has multiple products that meet UL standards in various categories, including PPC, PEC, ABS, HIPS, and our flame retardant. To ensure that our company maintains a high level of quality, an auditor performs annual tests on random samples.

Corporate Quality

To ensure we are continually producing the best results, Chroma Color has added a Corporate Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Manager. This individual is dedicated corporate oversight of the quality systems for our company to give you the peace-of-mind you need and the end result you require.


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