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Sustainability in Products and Packaging: Highlighting the Role of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

CPG Brands are under increased scrutiny for the impact their products have on the circular economy across their entire lifecycle. Sustainability can no longer be an afterthought and as a result, traditional approaches will not suffice. With consumer insights and sustainability at the core, packaging innovation has the potential to reinvent existing brands and ensure that pack leaders and their organizations stay ahead of the curve. This webinar will provide insights into sustainable packaging innovation and how pack leaders are engaging and investing in the future of the circular economy. Hosting the discussion is Jerry O’Grady (Market Development Specialist, Chroma Color), who is joined by Jose Luis Molinar (Global Packaging Personal & Home Care, Colgate-Palmolive) and Chris Cetnar (Packaging Manager, Consumer Foods R&D, The J.M. Smucker Company).


– Up to 30 percent cost-to-color reduction
– The highest pigment loaded custom colors in the industry
– The highest UV/custom colors in the industry
– Shipping within 5-7 days, with independently audited on-time delivery of 98.3 percent
– 1-10 percent cycle-time reduction
– Reduced environmental impact, resulting from a reduction in production energy, packaging materials, and CO2 emissions

Benefits of G2® Technology:

Attention All Packaging Specifiers, Designer & Producers:  Are You Looking for High Impact and Sustainable Colorant For All Your Packaging Needs?
Watch Our Ask The Expert Presentation Below On:  “Ideas For Advancing Sustainability Targets”. Also During This Presentation You Will Learn More About Chroma Color and Products Suited For Packaging.

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– The G3 product can be used in just about on any resin system
– It achieves 20% or more increased pigment loading levels in polyethylene and polypropylene—without compromising pigment dispersion
– G3 offers formulations with 40-45% loading of dyes in HIPs, PET, Nylon, Crystal Styrene and Acrylic
– Offers formulations with 50% or more pearlescent pigment, nearly doubling the former industry standard of 30%

Benefits of G3® Technology:

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-UltraPET™ is based upon Chroma Color’s G3* patented technology that processes at a much lower temperature than conventional PET pellet concentrates. Lower process temperatures enables molders to significantly reduce the heat stress on the pigments and dyes.
-UltraPET™ offers exceptionally high loading of pigments and dyes, which allows processors significant economic benefits of low usage rates (LDR).
-UltraPET™ is available in mini-beads for applications that may be more sensitive to color distribution. The use of mini-beads provides more pellets per gram with a larger surface area to improve color distribution. This feature is especially useful for tints as the rheology and larger surface area of the mini-beads promote a faster incorporation rate.

-In most cases, the extremely low usage rates also eliminates the need for drying and recrystallization of the colorant that is common to the use of conventional PET pellet concentrates.
-UltraPET™ concentrates are resistant to alcohol for applications that require that additional benefit and can be formulated to be compliant for FDA regulations.
-UltraPET™ concentrates reduce housekeeping cost compared to the inherent messiness of liquid color.
-Chroma Color has launched a new version of UltraPET™ designed specifically for use with recycled material. This enables brand owners to achieve their sustainability objectives by using higher levels of PCR PET.

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UltraPET Cosmetic Jar Case Study

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LIAD feeders and quality control technologies are helping plastics manufactures improve their efficiency. Used in factories across the globe, LIAD innovation is key to growth in the plastics industry.
According to Jeff Smink, COO of Chroma Color, the partnership with LIAD is a “win-win!” LIAD’s new technology of precise dosing and user friendly controls coupled with G3 make coloring plastics easy.

LIAD Feeders

G2 / G3 customers have been installing LIAD color feeder systems to ensure that they have the most advanced color concentrate technology. Along with LIAD precise dosing equipment to control coloring costs. LIAD upgrades provide customers with reduced material drip/sticking, improved accuracy and stability, and a shorter convergence with software updates.

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