IWCS 2019 Attendee WIFI Access Sponsored By Chroma Color

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Chroma Color Corporation’s current wire and cable formulations are those you have trusted for over 40 years.
These color formulations serve the building, automotive, electronics and telecommunications markets with standard, custom engineered, and value-added colorants that meet industry standards and specialized requirements.
Chroma Color is proud to introduce at IWCS:
At Chroma   Color Corporation, we can help you select the right colorant and additive package to ensure you obtain the ideal laser mark for your product at an economical cost-to-color. With our in-house NIR Laser, we can help you optimize the marking behavior and laser settings for a variety of resins including ABS, PE, PP, LDPE, HDPE, Co- Polyester, PBT, Polysulfone, GPPS, HDPE, Nylon, Acrylic, PVC, Polyacetal, and Polycarbonate. In addition, Chroma’s patented G3 technology can also provide highly loaded concentrates with laser marking additives.  Learn [email protected]
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