Chroma Color Corporation’s polymer and color experts staff members are unbiased as they select from a broad range of resins, additives, and hundreds of pigments that will be specifically tailored to meet your end-use, color, and design requirements. Plastic producers benefit from both tremendous cost-savings and ease of use of Chroma Color’s cutting-edge colorant technologies.

Product designers and engineers understand color is an important element of branding. To help make products more appealing to the medical and healthcare industry, Chroma Color offers:
-FDA Sanction Color Formulation
-GMP Procedures
-Complete Lot and Ingredient Traceability
-No Changes to the Formula Without Prior Written Consent
-Customers are always welcome to visit and audit our facilities
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Chroma Color Corporation’s team members have the technical experience and knowledge of high quality color solutions for food contact applications from high speed thin wall injection molding to foam storage plates and containers.
Chroma Color’s customers base include food packaging processors for end products such as: caps & closures, foam trays, bottles, containers, pallets, thermoformed trays, crates, food conveyor belts and more.
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Chroma Color provides the expertise necessary for product designers and engineers to realize their vision.
Typical applications spanning every major market segment including consumer products such as housewares, containers, flower pots, office supplies, razors, markers, toys, cable ties, bags, bubble packs, pool parts and more.

Highly regarded as the leader in wire & cable color concentrates industry, Chroma Color services the building, automotive, electronics and telecommunications markets. Chroma Color offers standard, custom and value-added colorants that meet industry standards and specialty requirements.
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Chroma Color Corporation’s experts have years of working with customers molding durables.
Items such as roll out carts, dumpsters, Port-O- Potty’s, large totes, playground equipment, sporting goods and industrial textiles such as those used in for greenhouse/ nurseries, recreation vehicles, carpeting, etc.

Chroma Color Lawn, Garden & Tool Flyer
Molders requiring outdoor weatherable solutions for lawn, garden & tool applications can count on the Chroma Color Corporation team members to find the right solutions.
Depending on the application or base resin, customers can choose from the patented G2® and/or G3® product line or our extensive line of Nylon options.
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A big challenge for molders is meeting 5 / 10 years or lifetime warranties. Many of the products they produce are placed outdoors where the heat, and ultraviolet light can easily damage a product. Chroma Color’s experts can help find solution to these problems reducing the molder’s challenges.
Applications include: Decking, Fencing, Flooring, Pipe & Conduit, Road barriers, Roofing, Safety Products, Shutters, Siding, Signs, Window Profiles, Wire & Cable and More.

The recreation & leisure markets, such as ATV, Jet Skis, Kayaks, Motorcycles, etc. has grown dramatically in the past decade.
Chroma Color’s product line provides options with light stable colorants, ultra violet and antioxidant package to deliver synergies for the best performance at the lowest cost.