Product Info

Chroma Color Corporation’s experienced team will work with you to get your color right the first time. Our time-proven colors are available in a wide range of compounds and types. Whether you need a color quickly for a traditional application or a precise match in a highly engineered compound, Chroma  Color Corporation can supply you the color you need.

Chroma Color Corporation offers a vast array of standard colorants that are engineered to meet customer demands. These colorants offer enhanced processability, economical advantages and minimal lead times. Please contact us to discuss your color needs.

Our commitment to develop superior color formulations at economical cost ensures reliable service and high performance products to customers with custom coloring needs. Factors including resin, processing equipment, color tolerances, regulatory guidelines, as well as performance requirements are taken into consideration in matching the color or compound.


Chroma’s superior formulating knowledge will match the color for enhanced performance factors such as; superior pigment dispersion, eliminate plate out, minimize weld lines, increase cycle times, etc. Considering all these factors, our color experts will work closely with you to address your custom coloring and compounding needs. To solve coloring problems, a team of experienced color technicians will visit your plant, analyze the production processes, shop floor, as well as machinery, and provide the necessary recommendations to enhance our customers’ process.


Exact color formulations are developed by choosing the appropriate resins and additives with desired properties, while special emphasis is laid on machine limitations. Customers can enhance the physical properties or visual appearance of their finished parts by adding our high performance color concentrates and special effect colorants to the custom formulations.
Contact us to discuss your custom color project