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Conflict Mineral Policy

In August 2012, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) issued its final rules regarding “Conflict Minerals” (known as ‘3TG’ – Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold) as defined in and required by section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Act”). As a result, many companies are now focusing on whether and to what extent their products contain Conflict Minerals and whether such Conflict Minerals come from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the adjoining countries named in the Act.

Although Chroma Color Corporation is not subject to conflict minerals reporting we place high value on a sustainable supply chain and take the regulatory obligations of our customers seriously.  We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and protection of people who come into contact with our products and business, and we require high social, environmental and human rights standards among our suppliers.

We are working to ensure that our products do not contain Conflict Minerals that have been sourced from mines that support or fund conflict within the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. We do not buy products and materials that contain Conflict Minerals directly from Conflict Mines.  We work with our supplier partners to ensure that any tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold contained in the materials used to make our products originate from conflict free sources.

Quality Compliance

Chroma Color is committed to providing exceptional service to you. As part of this commitment, our company holds multiple certifications and accreditations that strengthen our ability to help you meet and exceed government standards and regulations.

In addition, we have a corporate quality systems and regulatory affairs manager on staff who ensures high quality standards are being met on a daily basis.

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 UL Certified

UL (formerly The Underwriters Laboratories) is dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments through testing, inspection, auditing and certification processes. Chroma Color has multiple products that meet UL standards in various categories, including PPC, PEC, ABS, HIPS, and our flame retardant. To ensure that our company maintains a high level of quality, an auditor performs annual tests on random samples.

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