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Chroma Color Lab

Chroma Color Corporation has state of the art laboratories within each of our six manufacturing sites. Our capabilities include, but not limited to, formulating color / concentrates, additives and pre-colored compounds.

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Chroma Color Mary Brown Color Analytics Lab Overview

Chroma Color

All Chroma Color facilities utilize lab-scale production equipment, industry approved and precise quality control techniques. Our color development and analytical labs are fully dedicated to support your program needs.

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Learn more about Chroma Color's Analytical Color Lab from Mary Brown, Analytical Chemist

Analytical Lab

-Use of advanced technology to test colors and molecular changes in additives to improve customers product quality

In-house statistical analysis to ensure color concentrates meet customers stringent specifications

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Chroma Color's Quality & Compliance Policy

Color Matching Lab

-Develop custom and standard colors for customers

-Ensure exact color match is achieve in the specific resin select for the application for consistent run-to-run quality

-Produce accurate color chips and samples for pre-production trial runs

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