Breen Color Markets

Breen has been committed to providing custom color and additive concentrates to the plastics industry for over 30 years.  Since its inception in 1976, Breen has grown in size and capability and has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of plastic colorants to the blow molding, wire & cable, extrusion, injection and compounding markets.

Wire and Cable

Wire & Cable

Wire and Cable Color

Highly regarded as a leader in Wire & Cable color concentrates, Breen services the building, automotive, electronics and telecommunications markets with standard, custom and value-added colorants to meet industry standards and specialty requirements.

Typical applications include:

– Building
– Automotive
– Electronics
– Appliances
– Telecommunications

Including the following options:

– Low smoke
– Zero halogen
– Flame retardent
– Heavy metal free
– RoHS


Breen Color Extrusion: 

Breen is experienced in a wide range of extrusion applications contributing to superior aesthetics, reliable quality and performance enhancing attributes. At Breen, we understand the importance of meeting the diverse and demanding needs of extrusion manufacturers.

Typical applications include:

– Appliance
– Pipe / Conduit / Tubing
– Sheet / Profile
– Decking / Fencing

Breen Color Dependability


Breen Color means DEPENDABILITY!  You can rely on priority attention to rush orders, new product development, color matches and product modifications.  Consistent product and service quality are cornerstones of our Quality Management System.

Blow Molding

Blow Molding

For several decades, Breen has been serving the injection, extrusion and stretch blow molding industry with color concentrates specifically matched to brand name requirements for a wide range of applications.

Typical applications include:
– Outdoor seating
– Drums
– Fuel tanks
– Coolers
– Aerospace

Injection Molding Colors

Experienced in serving a wide array of applications, Breen is an industry leader in color concentrate development and manufacturing for injection molders across the globe. Breen’s diverse product portfolio allows for injection molders of all kinds to consistently manufacture and deliver advanced parts to their customers.

Typical applications include:
– Housewares
– Consumer Products
– Packaging
– Medical Devices
– Aerospace