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From Our CEO

Dear Customers, Team Members, Suppliers, and Investors,

Chroma Color Corporation has continuously tracked our financial and operating performance to ensure our business is acting responsibly with our customers, team members, suppliers, and investors.

In today’s complex and changing world, we knew we needed to go even further to ensure the company could thrive going forward.

Several months ago, our senior leadership team evaluated all current operation and manufacturing practices to establish a solid Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) roadmap.

Purpose & Plan:

1- Deliver a sustainable future through expertise in the science of color with collaboration with our customers, team members and our partners.

2- Bring new solutions to help our customers solve problems that will make a stronger and more resilient global environment.

3- Establish and Maintain Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely Goals that positively impact our company & communities financially, socially, and environmentally

Our Chroma Color Board Members have committed to support these programs. In addition, they will share our ESG results with our investor Arsenal Capital frequently.

I am very optimistic that we will achieve our ESG goals for 2022 and stay committed to making the world better for our children and their children.

In the following pages, you will find Chroma Colors Environment, Social, and Governance ESG Roadmap for 2022. If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.


Shruti Singhal

About Chroma Color

Chroma Color Corporation is a leading specialty color concentrate supplier serving diverse markets, including wire and cable, packaging, healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and others. With the recent acquisition of Epolin, Chroma is also the recognized leader in the near-infra-red(NIR) absorptive dye industry, producing proprietary blends to suit the eye protection and light management sectors. 

Chroma Color’s growth strategy includes robust organic and inorganic growth through nine acquisitions over five years (2017 – 2021.) Chroma’s extensive technical leadership and manufacturing expertise, coupled with its game-changing colorant, has delighted customers for more than 50 years.

See full details on Chroma’s sustainability, click on this ESGRoadmap.pdf

Environmental Stewardship

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

At Chroma Color we are committed to providing a Safe and Healthy Work Place for our Team Members, Customers and Suppliers. In our communities, we strive to be Environmental Leaders. 

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) are Priorities at Chroma and are woven in to how We work Every Day. It begins with a firm belief that All Injuries are Preventable and that Compliance with Regulations is expected by all Team Members. 

Through our “Drive for Zero” Program we engage employees daily in Health and Safety through sharing Best Practices, Learning Sessions and apply the principles of Stop, Think and Ask for all tasks.

Additionally, Processes are in place for assessing Safe Behaviors and reporting at risk conditions for timely resolution.


Operations Excellence is core to our Manufacturing Facilities. Key Process Indicators (KPI’s) help guide Chroma Color with respect to deploying people and capital Investment where we can drive Improvements. 

These KPI’s are balanced in terms EHS, Customer Experience, Quality and Productivity.

In 2021 Chroma Color Corporation Earned A Bronze Rating from EcoVadis

Reduce Energy, Water, Waste and Transportation Cost in Each Plant by 2030

Reduce KWH By 25%

Reduce Solid Waste By 30%

Reduce Water By 25%

Chroma Color’s Technical Solutions
Delivers Commercial Results

We Enable Our Customers to Reach Their Company’s Sustainability Goals

Reduced Carbon Footprint

G3 production requires low energy consumption

1 Truckload of G-series can replace 3 Truckloads of traditional concentrates
Learn more

Reduced Waste

G-series enables total utilization of the pellets(versus liquid color’s excessive waste)

Learn more

Improved Recycled Resins Coloring

Recycled Resins Coloring is Dramatically Improved

Successful track record coloring PCR PP, PCR PE, PCR PET, Ocean Plastics, PIR, Bioplastics, and others sustainable resins.
Learn more

Social Stewardship

Key Programs For Our Local Communities

Wellness Programs 
The company provides many wellness programs for employees. Including an EAP (Employee AssistanceProgram) which provides five free visits (even if not enrolled in our medical programs) per topic, for employees and family members. Also available, are resources such as Tobacco Cessation programs and the company provides a health care employee premium discount for those who are “tobacco free”.
Ethics 800# Hotline and Confidential Email Program
Any employee can report any concern either by phone or email on a confidential basis. We have flyers posted visibly (as well as on our HR intranet) at every location encouraging employees to bring forward any concerns they may have about anything. Every employee also participates in our annual Code of Conduct training with the CHRO. 
“Biggest Loser" Contests  
In the Fall of 2021 close to 50 employees (10% of our workforce) completed the program achieving an average weight loss on average of 7.1 lbs. per person. We have had similar participation in the Biggest Loser 2 contest we launched in January 2022, The 2022 program ends in April.
KUDOS is a recognition program that provides any employee the opportunity to recognize a colleague who “goes above and beyond”. Points are awarded to a merchandise website. In 2020, there were 107nominations (partial year). In 2021, we had204 awarded out of 475 employees. 

Key Programs For Team Members

Drive To Zero

Goal is to reduce workplace injuries to zero recordable instances.

  • Compliance to Laws and Regulations
  • Systems and Investments that
  • Enable Sustainable EHS Excellence
  • Culture of Leadership, Knowledge,
  • Engagement and Adaptability


Senior Leadership & Board of Directors Commitment To Employees, Company & Investors

Chroma Color Senior Leaders & Board of Director are committed to always act in the best interests of the company. We will help implement innovative ways to improve performance, reduce risk, grow responsibly, and maintain a positive reputation with our customers. 

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