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ChromaQuasar™ meets needs of the low-voltage, automotive, and appliance wire markets for moisture cure XLPE compounds.

Chroma Color works closely with a moisture-cure compound manufacturer to craft maximum color pigment into concentrate packages compatible with the base compound.

ChromaQuasar™ XL colors are specially engineered PE color concentrates for use with moisture-cure silane grafted XLPE compounds for wire and cable.


Key Benefits of ChromaQuasar™:

– Exhibit high color strength and anti-scorching properties.

– Highly concentrated so you use less especially the higher flame retardant versions of the compound.

– Each concentrate is suitable and intended for the full range of FR blend choices in XLPE constructions from 80/20 (20 percent FR) to 50/50 (50 percent FR), while using a range of one to three percent color loadings.

– Suitable applications include FR Urethane, FR zero halogen PE, standard HDPE insulation compounds.