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G Series

Patented G2, G3, UltraPET

Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion

Healthcare, Consumer Staples, Durable Goods, Other 3rd Party Manufacturing, Aerospace & Transportation, Recycling & Sanitation

About G Series

G-Series patented masterbatches yield the lowest cost-to-color available today

Patented G3 Manufacturing technology (Patent 2018)

  • The ULTIMATE Cost-to-Color savings
  • Highest loadings available for Pigments, Dyes and Additives in Pellet form
  • Improved Coloration of PCR PET, PP & PE, Bioplastics, Ocean Plastics, PIR and other sustainable base resins

Patented G2 Carrier System technology (Patent 2008)

  • Exceptionally high combined loadings of Pigments & Additives in Pellet form
  • 30+% UV / AO
  • 30+% Organics / Pearls
  • Primarily designed for Polyolefins