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Standard products

Variety of Colors, Black, White & PVC Options
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About Standard products

Chroma Color Corporation standard colors are optimized to ease your processing tasks.

Standard colors are available in a range of carrier resin.s

-Our standard whites and blacks colorants are available in masterbatch and in multiple resin systems including:ABS,PS,EVA,PE, Nylon,PP,PC, andLDPE.

-Compliant to FDA, as well as other regulatory standards,we offer high quality  for use in injection molding,blow molding, compression molding and extrusion.

-In addition we have products to meet EIA-359, SAE J–1158 and NEMA color standards.


-Standard Polyproplyene FDA Colorants:General Purpose FDA Approved black and white can be used for caps and closures.

-Standard Polyethylene FDA Colorants:General Purpose FDA Approved black and white can be used for caps, closures, rigid packaging, and thermoforming.

-Standard FDA Black:General Purpose FDA Approved Black. Can be used for caps, closures, rigid packaging, thermoforming.

-Standard FDA White:Can be used for caps, closures, rigid packaging, thermoforming.

-Standard Additives:Antioxidants & U.V. Concentrates

White Masterbatch

– Chroma Color Corporation creates white concentrate (also known as white masterbatch) formulations suited for virtually any end product and production environment. Common applications include blown and cast film, injection molding, blow molding, and sheets that are prepared for toys, medical devices, waste packaging, and more.

– Another primary end-application use is pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, where Drug Master File or FDA packaging are desired.

– When it comes to our white masterbatches, we have multiple additives to enhance your order. UV absorber and stabilizers to help prevent the destruction of the polymers are critical for the plastics longevity. Antiblocks help separate plastics, as well as assisting with scratch protection and dispersion. The addition of antistatics will help prevent static build-up while reducing surface resistivity.

– And for customers in the medical device and pharmaceutical markets, you will be happy to know the polymers, colorants and additives used in compounding custom colors are a part of Drug Master File (DMF). So if you are in need of the every important FDA approval, this often expedites the process for your masterbatch order.

Finding The Right White

-White masterbatches are created through a combination of concentrates of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and various other white pigments. Chroma Color specializes in providing you with option ranging in various degrees of thicknesses and opacity. And like a snowflake, not all formulas are created the same. Colors can range from a bluish white undertone to a superior-quality extended white.

PVC Standard Color Options

Contact us to learn more about our PVC options: 609-397-8200.