Chroma Color Corporation supports sustainability and has options for our customers that includes resins and additives made from renewable resources and stabilizers that promote recycling while preserving the physical properties etc.
Chroma Color is an active and responsible member of our communities. The team continues to explore new ways to reduce our companies and customers impact on natural resources, use of energy, and waste. We encourage recycling and have additives to help. Our team also supports and is willing to assist those in our industry looking for alternative solutions.

Sustainability in Products and Packaging:  Highlighting the Role of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

CPG Brands are under increased scrutiny for the impact their products have on the circular economy across their entire lifecycle. Sustainability can no longer be an afterthought and as a result, traditional approaches will not suffice.  With consumer insights and sustainability at the core, packaging innovation has the potential to reinvent existing brands and ensure that pack leaders and their organizations stay ahead of the curve.  This webinar will provide insights into sustainable packaging innovation and how pack leaders are engaging and investing in the future of the circular economy. Hosting the discussion is Jerry O’Grady (Market Development Specialist, Chroma Color), who is joined by Jose Luis Molinar (Global Packaging Personal & Home Care, Colgate-Palmolive) and Chris Cetnar (Packaging Manager, Consumer Foods R&D, The J.M. Smucker Company). Watch the complete webinar by clicking the link below:

Video with Jerry O’Grady, Chroma Color Market Development Manger for Packaging discussing options for recycled PET feedstock.

Chroma Color has developed several material technologies to assist in attaining these lofty content goals, while overcoming the process and aesthetic concerns. Whether it be via Chroma UltraPET, ChromaPCRPET (a 100% PCR based carrier system) or expanding into specialized additive packages, which can assist in the revitalization of the recycled resin properties.
Chroma Color’s G2 & G3
These products can help customers reduce carbon dioxide emissions by reducing energy, packaging and transportation requirements.
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