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Chroma Color Announces Integration of Delaware, OH Facility into Other Manufacturing Sites

McHenry, IL: As Chroma Color Corporation has been successfully navigating the global crises, senior leadership has been improving the business and improving the way they serve their valued customers.   Chroma has made significant progress in stabilizing its supply chain, optimizing manufacturing operations, shortening lead times, improving service to customers, and delivering on its “Drive to Zero” safety program.

Chroma Color‘s decision to establish Manufacturing Centers of Excellence was accompanied by significant investments in personnel, capital equipment, and business management systems that are designed to enhance their ability to seamlessly migrate production across manufacturing sites that are best suited for specific resins, markets, technologies, and regulatory compliance.    These transformative changes have also created flexible capacity and agility in Chroma’s operations resulting in faster responsiveness and deeper connectivity to their customers and is reported to have already contributed to a greatly improved customer experience.    With these improvements and capacity expansions through capital investments, the decision was made to transfer assets and absorb existing production into Chroma Color’s other manufacturing sites and cease operations at their smallest site located in Delaware, Ohio.

Chroma Color’s Senior Leadership Team notified Delaware, Ohio employees today that operations at the facility will cease later this year as assets and current production are integrated into its other Manufacturing Centers of Excellence located in Salisbury, NC; Asheboro, NC; Leominster, MA; Lambertville, NJ; Newark, NJ and McHenry, IL.  It is expected that production in Delaware will end in late October with the facility fully closing by year-end.

We want to thank our Delaware employees for their years of service and are hopeful that as many of them as possible will transfer to open Chroma positions at other locations.  For those who cannot, transition assistance will be provided.  These are always difficult decisions and we do not make them without careful deliberation. Our goal is to ensure we are honoring our employees and our customers in the transition process. In addition to offering assistance to our affected employees at the site, we have established a focused support team to ensure a seamless transition for our valued customers, many of whom already have working relationships with the other Chroma locations where work is being transferred. Our sales team will be reviewing the detailed plans with our customers to ensure the transition is smooth and seamless. We are confident that this change will enhance our ability to serve our customers with excellence.

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