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Chroma Color to Exhibit at Injection Molding & Design Expo Booth – 706

Chroma Color will be exhibiting at the Injection Molding & Design Expo Booth 706 on September 20-21, 2023 in Novi, Michigan.

Be sure to stop by to learn more about our G-Series Color Concentrates that delivers the Ultimate Solution. . . cleanliness of pellets, reduced cost-to-color, and enablement of sustainability without sacrifice.

Advantages of G-Series

  • Favorable financials with the ease, cleanliness, and convenience of Pelletized Color.
  • Reduced energy consumption through lower processing temperatures and reduced change-over times.
  • Lowest usage rates in the industry yield lower coloring costs and less warehouse space.
  • High loadings and robust formulations overcome the coloring challenges of PCR usage.  These include regeneration of polymer properties, enhanced manufacturing process-ability, end-use performance characteristics, and desired finished goods aesthetics.
  • Formulated to provide optimum color and additive distribution within the final compound and/or molded part.

Chroma Color’s G-Series provide vibrant, long-lasting colors essential to meeting the demands of compounders, processors, and OEMs.

  • Excellent dispersion and color distribution for optimal aesthetics
  • Reduced carbon footprint (energy, freight, warehouse space, etc.)
  • Matched using our coloring expertise (including special effects)

G-Series are ideal for the following resins

G3 Technology

  • Polyolefins & Polystyrene
  • Elastomeric Resins – TPE, TPO, TPU
  • Engineered Resins – PA, PC, PBT, ABS, ASA, and Alloys,
  • FR Compounds
  • Glass & Mineral Filled Compounds
  • Medical Polymers

 G2 Technology

  • PE, PP, TPE, and TPO with high levels of UV/AO functional additives


  • PC, PMMA, PET, PETG, Copolyester, MBS (Impact Modified Styrene Acrylic Copolymers), and other clear resins

The show is free to attend. Click here to register online:

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