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Chroma Color Corporation for its versatile color concentrate carrier system designed to color clear resins such as PET, PETG, Tritan, PC, Acrylics and others without affecting their clarity.

Patented ChromaTransparent® is compatible with a range of clear resins and good color distribution. ChromaTransparent’s capabilities include: 

  • A versatile carrier system that is compatible with many engineered resins and has the following features: 
  • Low softening point allows good color incorporation
  • Low use rates
  • Does not affect clarity and has minimal impact on haze in PC, PET, PETG, and Tritan and others.
  • Low processing temperatures during compounding minimizes heat history of thermally sensitive colorants and additives
  • Provides a great option for processors converting from pre-colored resins to color concentrates
  • In addition to the above polymers, Chroma Color offers tint concentrates in GPS, clarified PP, and PMMA using resin specific carrier systems.