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Chroma Color Corporation Was Issued a Patent for a Pellet Color Concentrate Carrier System Designed to Work in Multiple Clear Plastic Resins

Chroma Color Transparent

On March 9, 2021, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued patent No. 10,941,257 to Chroma Color Corporation for its versatile color concentrate carrier system designed to color clear resins such as PET, PETG, Tritan, PC, Acrylics and others without affecting their clarity.

“ChromaTransparent concentrate pellet carrier system is also beneficial for coloring tinted parts that are often challenging to color,” stated Jeff Smink, Chroma Color’s, VP of Technology. “We anticipate continued growth for this technology moving forward into 2021.”

To support that growth, Chroma Color is installing a Sidel PET stretch blow molder in its Salisbury, NC facility. The technical team will color match for PET bottle customers using its UltraPET® technology which is anchored by Chroma Color’s newly patented carrier system.

UltraPET® also incorporates Chroma Color’s patented G3® technology. Both technologies processes at a much lower temperature than conventional PET pellet concentrates. Lower process temperatures enable molders to reduce the heat stress on the pigments and dyes significantly. UltraPET® also offers exceptionally high loading of pigments and dyes, that allows processors significant economic benefits of low usage rates (LDR)


No screw slippage in opaque PET applicationsIn most cases, the extremely low usage rates also eliminate the need for drying and recrystallization of the colorant common to the use of conventional PET pellet concentrates.These concentrates are resistant to alcohol for applications that require that additional benefit and can be formulated to be compliant with FDA regulations.Another great benefit is a reduction in housekeeping costs compared to the inherent messiness of liquid color.Chroma Color has also recently launched a new line of UltraPET® expressly designed for use with recycled material, enabling brand owners to achieve their sustainability objectives by using higher PCR PET levels.To learn more about ChromaTransparent download the product info flyer:


Chroma Color Corporation is a technology-leading specialty color and additive masterbatch supplier delivering critical aesthetics, technical innovations, and sustainable solutions to plastics processors and brand owners. Chroma Color’s growth strategy includes robust organic and inorganic growth, having made six acquisitions over the last three years. Chroma’s extensive technical leadership and manufacturing expertise, coupled with its game-changing colorant and light management technologies, have delighted customers for over 50 years.

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