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Chroma Color Introduces ChromaPCRPET™ a Line of Color Concentrates Based on 100% PCR PET Carrier

Chroma Sustainability

Chroma Color Corporation has developed a unique product line explicitly designed for use with recycled materials. ChromaPCRPET™ allows brand owners to further increase the levels of PCR within their package, supporting increased Sustainability Goals.

Chroma PCR PET

Key Features of ChromaPCRPET™ include:

– Ability to use in sheets, bottles and other applications

– Product is commercialized

– Product is FDA compliant with No Objection Letter (NOL)

– Chroma Color offers correction colors for PCR, chain extenders, processing stabilizers and other additives for recycled PET streams

– Final product 100% PCR content

UltraPET®, formulated with ChromaTransparent (a patented carrier technology) is a highly loaded color concentrate that delivers both lower costs and greater processing flexibility for brand owners and converters.

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About Chroma Color

Chroma Color Corporation is a technology-leading specialty color and additive masterbatch supplier delivering critical aesthetics, technical innovations, and sustainable solutions to plastics processors and brand owners. Chroma Color’s growth strategy includes robust organic and inorganic growth, having made six acquisitions over the last three years. Chroma’s extensive technical leadership and manufacturing expertise, coupled with its game-changing colorant and light management technologies, have delighted customers for over 50 years.

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