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Chroma Color Photoluminescent Masterbatch Colors Meet Growing Demands from Plastic Molders

Chroma Photoluminescent Color







Photoluminescent color concentrates, also known as glow-in-the-dark color concentrates, have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique properties and ability to create eye-catching visual effects. For example, photoluminescent color concentrates are increasingly being used in safety applications such as emergency exit signs, egress path markings, and safety equipment. This is because photoluminescent materials are reliable and can be charged by both natural and artificial light, ensuring that they remain visible even in low-light or dark conditions.

Chroma Color continues to explore new materials and technologies to improve the properties of photoluminescent color concentrates for our customer to be more efficient and brighter than traditional pigments.

The Benefits of Chroma Colors Photoluminescent Masterbatches Includes:

– Rapid activation yielding hours of glow

– Light stable formulation (fade resistant)

– Custom-tailored for glow longevity and brilliance

– Designed for specific life safety applications

– Enhance and differentiates outdoor or indoor applications

To ensure customers of Chroma Color photoluminescent masterbatches will yield hours of glow. We had products molded using Chroma Color’s Glow tested by an outside laboratory resulting in measurements of 32 hours of glow time. To examine the variety of resins tested and results download this pdf:

Chroma Color:

Chroma Color Corporation is a leading specialty color and additive concentrate supplier serving diverse markets, including wire and cable, packaging, healthcare, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and others.

With the recent acquisition of Epolin, Chroma Color is now the recognized leader in the near-infra-red (NIR) absorptive dye industry, producing proprietary blends to suit the eye protection and light management sectors.

Chroma Color’s growth strategy includes robust organic and inorganic growth through nine acquisitions over three years. Chroma’s extensive technical leadership and manufacturing expertise, coupled with its game-changing colorant, has delighted customers for over 50 years.

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