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D6 Lowers Cost and Improves Retail Shelf Appearance with Support from Chroma Color’s Technical Team

D6 Inc., founded in 2014, has become the fastest design-to-shelf packaging manufacturer globally by transforming the packaging industry through transparency in the recycling chain.

D6 has a solid network for a circular economy that takes waste and diverts it from landfills and up-cycles it into new containers, parts, and other products that go into consumers’ households or added to retail shelves. In addition, D6’s PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Content) meets food-grade requirements and can create other kind of products.

The Challenge

One well-known fact for brands using recycled materials…they can have a slight gray tint, black spec, or other minor blemishes that can impact the look on shelves. To eliminate any negative perception from consumers, D6 reached out to Chroma Color Corporation for a solution. D6 chose a slight blue tint color concentrate to help the PCR thermoformed clamshell products look great on the shelves.

D6 was pleased with the results, but after some discussion, they wanted to see if Chroma Color could meet some new goals:

  • Reduce cost through lower let-down ratios
  • A lower amount of inventory needed to have on hand for production
  • A reduction in overall Labor cost
  • Lower transportation cost and carbon footprint
  • Lessen the overall environmental impact of the products produced

The Solution

Chroma Color’s technical team evaluated the current situation. They recommended the company’s environmentally friendly G-Series after some discussion and analysis.

By making the switch over to the G-Series for use with PCR, D6 was able to:

  • Produce PCR package that still looks great on retail shelves
  • Reduce production cost by lowering let-down rates by 1/3
  • Process products at a much lower temperature, thus decreasing overall energy cost
  • Lower freight cost by 1/3 due to smaller shipments sizes
  • Use less color concentrate
  • Reduce labor costs during shipping and processing
  • Lower some warehouse storage needs
  • This extra warehouse space could also provide for excess inventory during times of short supplies
  • Lower carbon footprint


By switching to the G-Series for PCR, D6 reduced cost, made the production of their containers simpler, and lowered their carbon footprint.

“D6 appreciated the time and effort of the Chroma Color Sales and Technical team to help us find a better solution for our PCR products,” stated Edward Dominion, Founder & CEO, D6 INC. “We now have a great PCR product to sell to our customers that looks great on the shelf, lowers our cost while offering additional sustainable benefits.”

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